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RE: spec for wire format of SPKI cert -Reply


I wanted to make you aware that a message purportedly sent by you said in part, 

>At VeriSign service design meetings, we considered the roles involved in punishment
>where a cert service may (or may not) deliver rights to delegate authority. We set
>up one of our mass-market service to ensure that its the relying party who
>can punish both the issuer and the message originator (who may be the same). Its 
>not a case of the issuer punishing the service subscribers (except in rather Fascist
>certification systems being pushed by big business through some of the US state legislatures), 
>but one of the issuer supporting the relying party with evidence to pursue
>the message originator (where the issuer is a third party) in some civil dispute resolution
>forum agreed between the disputants (and defaulting to civil law courts if not otherwise

Fascist certification systems??  

Being pushed by big business through some US state legislatures????

I can think of one or two other people who might have muttered such paranoid
thoughts, but surely not the Peter Williams we all know and love? 

Say it wasn't so, Peter, or at least let us in on the details of these nefarious
Fascist plot and name the states we should all stay away from? 

Maybe it's part of the new world order conspiracy? Or maybe 
the ABA is even more reactionary than I have observed to date?
Maybe I should move out of Utah and join the Freemen in Montana?
Nah, I haven't recovered from the last move yet! :-)