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Re: Thoughts on the draft


In message <199608282138.QAA16422@entropy.sbc.com>, "Brian M. Thomas" writes:
>The philosophy we have been espousing is that every privilege is
>explicitly issued by one principal to another.  Yes, this does cause
>certificates to proliferate, but we tend to like this, because it more
>closely constrains the meaning of each certificate.
It all comes down to that then. I wonder how the rest of the group
feels about it. I can see pros and cons in it, so maybe some rough
poll is in order ?

>This is true, but the DUAL-SIG attribute exists specifically to support the
>case where the subject itself must sign.  This is the use that Carl points
>out in S3.13 on unwanted attributions.  I'm not entirely convinced on that
>either; perhaps Carl will defend it, but I don't think it argues generally
>for multiple issuer signatures.
However, given that there is support for DUAL-SIGs, it wouldn't be too
much trouble adding support for multiple signatures. Also, since there
will be 2 signatures even in the current certificate format, you
probably need some additional field in the SIGNATURE attribute to
indicate the key.
- -Angelos

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