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RE: spec for wire format of SPKI cert

Wonderful summary, Bill.  Let me add:

At 03:56 PM 8/28/96 -0700, Bill Frantz wrote:
>It is as if Unix programs could no
>longer pass file handles to the programs they fork.  In a pure capability
>system (where capabilities are the only way of expressing authority), not
>being able to pass capabilities prevents any use of authority and therefore
>such a system is unworkable.
>In SPKI, we allow capability passing by use of certificates with the
>MAY-DELEGATE attribute.  This method provides a simple, auditable way to
>delegate authority.

For the forked process example, you might consider not just MAY-DELEGATE but
DELEGATE-ALL, for the parent to give the child every access the parent has.
You might want to restrict the child (e.g., with LOGIN forking a user
process) but you might have forked just for parallel processing.

 - Carl

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