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X.509 Certificate Extensions

Hi all,

We are working with the X.509 Certificate version 3, and we need the Objects
Identifiers that identifies the differents extensions of this certificate.
In the specification of the Certificate version 3, these Objects Identifiers are
defined as 'id-ce <number>'.

In the IMPORT sentence of the Annex A ( Authentication Framework in ASN.1) of the 
Certificate, the 'id-ce' is imported from 
        UsefulDefinition {joint-iso-ccitt ds(5) module(1) usefulDefinitions(0) 2 }

We would like to obtain this object where is defined the 'id-ce' , or the Object
Identifier of the 'id-ce'.
Have you got this information ?

Many sincere thanks and kind regards,

Montse Rubia,

Montse Rubia				 			
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