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Re: ASN.1 C++

that's nice but what about people who have to look at traces in the field?
There's at least two issues -- development and ongoing maintenance.  The
quality of the ASN.1 compiler doesn't change the maintenance issue.

At 08:59 AM 2/25/96 EST, you wrote:
>The Network Management Forum is still accepting comments on their API for
>ASN.1 C++ (http://ftp.nmf.org). Since OSS is involved in this effort, I
>expect that there will be a compiler available in the near future. Since I
>started using a good compiler, and quit doing the "byte-walk-through-the-
>octets", I've come to believe that ASN.1 is quite powerful when used
>correctly. I would not wish to accept a subset, though there are some
>features that I might add.

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