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Re: encodings: do we need binary at all?

"marcus (m.d.) leech" <uunet!bnr.ca!mleech> wrote:

>> > I don't think that TLV is necessarily a bad thing, but certainly ASN.1
>> >   is an elephantine mess.  Consider that one of its EARLY (ca 1988)
>> >   formal specifications is over 400 pages.  Consider the BNF specification
>> >   for ANSI C is 6 pages!  The "standard reference text" for ANSI C is,
>> >   including the BNF and index, 272 pages.
>> X.208 (ASN:1988) is 48 pages.  How did you arrive at 400+ pages?
>I was looking at X.209 which granted, isn't just the BNF for ASN.1,
>  but the all the other semantic stuff.  Since such standards are
>  formal documents, I feel justified in my comparison.

X.209 (BER:1988) is 15 pages long.  How did you arrive at 400+ pages?

Bancroft Scott