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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: SPKI mailing list and BOF at Los Angeles

Responding to Perry, at 14:30 2/26/96, Jueneman@gte.com wrote:

>I'm interested in identifying and solving those problems, whether they occur
>inside of an X.509 certificate itself or elsewhere in the infrastructure. The
>problems that I have heard to date involve the infrastructure, and/or the way
>that people think that DNs "ought" to be composed (the schema), and have very
>little to do with distinguished names in and of themselves, and even less
>to do
>with X.509 itself.

I'll give you more time to respond to my proposal -- but the problems I see
are with the distinguished names themselves:  the concept of having a unique
identifier of some human being as a prerequisite to generating a certificate.

 - Carl

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