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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: SPKI mailing list and BOF at Los Angeles

Very nicely said, Perry, in particular:

> From: "Perry E. Metzger" <perry@piermont.com>
> > The point is that even if you admit to the faults that people
> > criticize ASN.1 for, it's still better than any other even
> > reasonably popular metalanguage.
> Again, I am not sure we *need* a metalanguage. We've come this far
> without one and we haven't suffered for it. Also, the assertion that
> ASN.1 is the best metalanguage would have to be rigorously defended --
> I think there are better ones out there.
We don't need a metalanguage; and bitter experience shows that there are
better ones out there.

> > Even if you can't stand the thought of ASN.1, introducing a
> > completely different encoding scheme would have to have almost
> > overwhelming advantages to make it worth the bother of having two
> > different and incompatible kinds of certificates formats at this
> > point in time.
> Were the problem compatibility, I would argue that PGP would have to
> be the certificate format of choice. Virtually everyone I correspond
> with has PGP and a PGP key certificate.
Me, too.  And I've conducted key-signing parties for such diverse groups
as high school students and my local University Musical Society Chorus.

Folks understand Internet email names.  They can grasp the PGP concepts.
They have a tough time with X.500 and X.509.

> wondering if the people actually understand the difference between
> "can be done given enough work" and "is easy, convenient, and even
> fun".
So true.

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