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Re: encodings: do we need binary at all? -Reply

> Anyway, I think the use or non-use of ASN.1 is not the central issue. What is
> the issue is the production of a standard which fulfills the requirements
> whilst still being widely implementable. X.509 fails dismally in this respect
> not only through profligate use of obscure ASN.1 constructs, but through
> monstrous cross-referencing, and worst, through actual _unavailability_ of
> required information (such as X.509v3).
The X.509 version 3 definition is reproduced in the draft RFC on 
Internet Public Key Infrastructure (the document produced by the PKIX 


This is a good introduction document from the X.509 
perspective for Certificate Infrastructure.

> A good Internet standard should not require me to spend thousands of pounds on
> other standards documents, nor weeks of my time reading them. In fact, in my
> view, an Internet standard should be implemented using nothing but RFCs (or
> at least draft standards). I realise this disqualifies SNMP  ;-)
> Cheers,
> Ben.

See above reference.

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