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Re: 12000 Lines 'o code?

> Using a modern ASN.1 encoder/decoder, I find that I am able to process an
> X.509v3 certificate in less than 200 lines of code - this includes signature
> verification and signing certificates. Not a big deal really, unless you
> prefer to write your own parser.

When you say "code", what do you mean? How many lines of ASN.1 are needed?
How much does this "modern ASN.1 encoder/decoder" cost? How much does it cost
to redistribute the code it produces? How portable is it? When you say an
"X.509v3 certificate" presumably you mean a "draft X.509v3 certificate" [which
is, of course, one of the complaints about X.509v3 - its nonexistence]?



> Regards, Phil

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