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Of course, I have to input the X.509v3 ASN.1 text to the c code generator.
It maps the data structures and the object relationships into a c and h
files for packaging. I must supply signature verification and signing c code,
and I'm done. Sure, the total entity is far greater than 200 lines, but I
need only personally write very little code.

For signature verification (or signing for that matter), I must do a db
lookup and fetch a key, so there's some file access code that must be
provided. An it's true that I need to use a crypto library to compute
signatures too. But that's a vendor package also (I do not need to personally
write this code either.)

Encoding or decoding an arbitrary ASN.1 object (if there are no user defined
constraints that I must code in c/c++), requires only one line of c code to
make the call, plus a little error handling if the data's bad, plus the
declarations, header includes, etc.

Of course, I must also distribute a royalty free runtime library that the
decoder/encoder uses (but I don't code it either). The product that I use
allows me to cross-compile to many different platforms (DOS, UNIX, Windows,
Win95, OS/2, etc.) from a common ASN definition.

Regards, Phil