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Re: what we're about

At 08:48 2/27/96, peter (p.w.) whittaker wrote:
>Will the ICert be used primarily to secure Internet mail (PEM, MOSS, S/MIME
>(?))? Will the ICert be used to secure sessions (GSSAPI), the network layer
>(secure IP), generalized store-and-forward data (IDUP-GSSAPI)?  Will the
>ICert be used as part of a signature scheme (a la DSS), as part of an
>encryption scheme, or both?  Is interoperability with PGP a concern?  If so,
>how is it to be addressed?


Thank you for your list of uses for certificates.  However, this is almost
the first I've seen, after I asked a while ago on this list for
such a list.  I've done some brainstorming myself and will roll this
into that list and post it.  Hopefully, we can get more brainstorming

..and thanks to SMB for getting us back to this subject -- clearly the
first step.

 - Carl

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