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Re: going back to stone axes

Carl Ellison <cme@cybercash.com> wrote:
>ASN.1 is extremely powerful.
This reminds me of my favourite quote about powerful, flexible objects:
"ASN.1 is extremely flexible.  However, like other notably flexible objects -
 rubber screwdrivers and styrofoam broadswords among them - it sacrifices a
 little bit of utility in trying to be all things to all applications".
(I think ASN.1 is wonderful, but that doesn't mean I can't make snide comments
about it :-)  Runner-up is a comment about X.509 certificates:
"The X.509 certificate format is expandable, flexible, and looking brightly
 towards the future.
 The future will be a very confusing place if it's anything like what X.509
 certificates think they're looking brightly towards".