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RE: going back to stone axes


> Where can I get a copy of the LWER?

In the ISO/IEC archives or from me or someone else who happens to have
a copy.  Christian Huitema withdrew his support for LWER, for after
looking at the PER spec he contended that the PER would overall
perform very well because of the simplifications that it makes (only
one way to encode a value, so PER decoders can be simple), no tags,
etc., and the much smaller encodings that result.  Since PER was being
progressed at the time and quite a few standards (all non-OSI) were
quickly adopting its use, LWER was left without any demand. Last
summer it was officially put on the shelf indefinitely by ISO.

I can email you a copy of it in either plain text or WordPerfect format.

Bancroft Scott