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RE: going back to stone axes

cme@cybercash.com (Carl Ellison) wrote:

> >If you keep in mind that SEQUENCE equates to a C struct, SEQUENCE OF equates
> >to a linked list or array, and CHOICE equates to a union with a
> >discriminant, and use subtype constraints where possible there is little
> >to concern yourself about.
> I keep those in mind.  I know how to write in ASN.1.  Rule 1: don't
> It's other people who don't know how to write in ASN.1.  They *do* use
> those constructs.

This puzzles me.  How do you express a list of items if you use
neither SEQUENCE OF or SET OF?  And how do you express a "branch" in
the encoding/decoding based on a discriminant if you don't use a CHOICE?

For the moment this fits in the same category as Perry's misconception
that subtype constraints make it harder to write BER or DER.  Maybe
you care to explain why SEQUENCE OF and CHOICE should not be used?