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Re: Specification Languages

> Other candidates (some already mentioned on this list) for a specification 
> language include: 
>  <snip>
>  Whois++ Templates 

Whoa, hang on there a minute! Whois++ has only been suggested as a
transport method, one of many possible ways to transport keys.

Talking about Whois++ templates is totally inappropriate for
specifying data types; one of the major strengths of Whois++ is that
there is no tying information implied in the templates, which make
them useful for many applications, including key management.
It is up to the Whois++ users (i.e. the SPKI working group) to
define how the data needed in keys fits into a Whois++ template
(though, you'll be pleasantly surprise how easy the mapping is, I

At the IETF, my boss (Patrik) will explain more clearly how he sees
Whois++ technology fitting into the SPKI work. I just wanted to
clarify that it's not useful for specification.

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