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Re: going back to stone axes

Bancroft Scott writes:
> For the moment this fits in the same category as Perry's misconception
> that subtype constraints make it harder to write BER or DER.

I have no misconceptions here, Bancroft. I told you that I can write a
simple SMTP mail transport agent in under 80 lines of Perl (I will
show them to you if you like) and that I can't manage to even begin to
decode SNMP stuff without huge arsenals of complex tools -- the 80
line hack is out of the question in that world. One protocol does not
use BER on the wire. The other does. The point was simple. I need not
spell out what I think it means. You obviously disagree as to what
this means -- it is a difference of opinion that cannot, apparently,
be resolved here and now. I do not think that we need discuss the
matter further at the moment because we will simply be repeating
ourselves, over and over and over again. Is my set of points now