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Re: owner-spki@c2.org, ietf-pkix@tandem.com

Did my mailer screw up or did your CC line end up as your Subject?

At 04:49 2/29/96, Joe Tardo wrote:
>I have a question for one of the advocates of using "internet" email
>addresses in lieu of distinguished names.
>Is cme@acm.org (cf: Carl's web page) REALLY cme@cybercash.com (cf: Carl's
>posting to this list)?  If so, where would I go to look up the alias
>certificate?  Will it be in one of dee@cybercash.com's signed dns entries?
>I think not.


>I view holding on to 1970's "name service" naming practices and user naming
>hacks as THE major impediment here, perhaps even more so than Best's broken

I think you're asking the X.500 question, not the X.509 question.

I agree that a worldwide database of mappings from name to e-mail address
might be nice to have.  There are some ad hoc solutions already and I
expect to see an evolution to better ones.  I seriously doubt that
X.500 with its structure will ever be accepted.  If it costs money
to add your name to the database besides, that would almost certainly
kill it.

However, there is a certificate question lurking in your mail as well.

[see my http://www.clark.net/pub/cme/html/cert.html for details]

 - Carl

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