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Re: encodings, character sets, general requirements

Tony Bartoletti writes:
> > >   Other requirements:
> > >     - Trust model must be a web (people want to choose whom they trust).
> > >       People must be able to choose whom they trust or consider
> > >       reliable roots (maybe with varying reliabilities).
> >
> >The trust model should be a "constrained web", not the current PGP
> >free-for-all.
> Are we dictating a single trust model, or simply asserting that we must
> support "web" and "contrained-web" models, among others?  Certainly, the
> effort to explore a simpler certificate should nevertheless aim for support
> of varied trust models.

The group charter specifies a "range of trust models". I think that we
need to be able to handle a number of them. Note, of course, that
trees are a strict subset of generalized graphs...