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Re: CRLs versus short Validity periods

At 11:27 2/29/96, Graham Finlayson wrote:

>However, there are applications for which the CRLs result in a
>performance advantage.
>e.g. I am Sears. I accept MasterCard short-life certificates and can
>renew these certificates for the owner. I deal with a large number of
>certificate validations (and hence renewals in a day) . If I have to go to the
>issuer (MasterCard) to renew each certificate for a fraction of these
>people, this
>results in a lot of network traffic compared to MasterCard
>distributing the CRL, or better still a CRL update, every two days.

I'm intrigued.  Are you saying that Sears is, in effect, issuing its
own certificates for MasterCard?  If you're counting on CRLs, I have to assume
that the MC certs are long-life [e.g., 1 year] -- but you referred to
short-life certs.

Can you describe this operation in more detail?

 - Carl

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