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Re: CRLs versus short Validity periods

At 19:15 2/29/96, Bill Sommerfeld wrote:

>With short-lived certificates (possibly implemented as long-lived
>certificates which need to be "countersigned" periodically by an
>on-line CA), much more of the revocation infrastructure will be
>exercised on a regular basis, leading to a more robust system as a

I think you ought to spell out the option of countersigning a long-lived
cert.  To me, this is a cert whose attribute is "alive" only if combined
with a short-lived cert.  That short-lived cert is then a positive
equivalent to the negative CRL.  [presence of short-lived cert
== absense of short-lived CR]

Is this what you mean?

It should be logically equivalent, but I'd like to think more about the
details -- add it to my performance comparison.

 =- Carl

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