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Other ideas for certificates

After taking a look at the web page, I think that there are a couple of things that aren't addressed
that I'd like to bring up.  Let me know what you think.

1.  Motivation for Suspension of Certificates
Yes, I know that suspension is not something that is condoned, but the following scenario seems
to beg for the capability....

My child has a permission certificate from me allowing her to spend up to $100 on my credit card
(or watch TV until 11pm at night, etc).  She gets in trouble and I want to punish her by taking away
her privileges for a month.  Now, if I only wanted to do it for one certificate, I would say that it's
easier ot just revoke it and do another one later.  But, if I want to temporarily suspend a whole
bunch, that could be quite painful for me, especially if they are certificates that I didn't create -- for
example, a driver's license.

2.  An Honest to Goodness Signature
Currently, there are all kinds of documents that I am presented with that I must sign to indicate
some kind of acceptance.  Some examples of these forms are:
     *  indicating that I have indeed read the material on the paper 
     *  indicating that I have received something (like what the UPS person asks you to sign)
     *  indicating that I agree to what I have read (like an IOU)
     *  indicating that I saw someone sign something (witnessing)
This underscores the importance of the signer indicating exactly what the signature means.

3.  An Autograph
Does it make sense to collect digital signatures in the same way as we do ink and paper ones?

Tammy Green Carter