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Re: Criteria for Specification Languages

At 07:44 PM 2/28/96 -0800, you wrote:
>(3) Cost of tools (e.g. ASN.1 compilers) in both $$$ and bother.

  I think this is a very important point. Especially wrt "bother" --- if I
have to set up DCE to get the IDL compiler to work... (I haven't no idea
about this)
  Does it run under Win95 [if so, can we pick something else :-) ]? Mac?
  As much as I hate to say it, if there is no simple PC solution, then there is
no ubiquitious applications.

>(5) Adaquacy of expression (can it express what we need it to?)

  ... which should lead us into the next step: what do we need to express?
is in 45 minutes or so, I hope we'll discuss that at length rather than
dis'n ASN.1