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Re: bootstrap of key-centric binding of person to key

At 15:25 3/4/96, Bill Frantz wrote:

>I would like to further divide the CRL cases into what I will call the
>"Pure Capability" CRLs and the "Revocation Authority" CRLs.  The difference
>is who you have to communicate with to check for Certificate Revocation.
>In the Pure Capability case, the only communication is with that entity
>which implements the authority.  In the Revocation Authority case, there is
>separate communication with some Revocation Authority.


>Does this model resonate with anyone?  Is it interesting enough that I
>should continue to suggest ways of using it?  Or should I just drop it?

Does this differ from assigning one URL for getting certs renewed and a
[potentially] different URL for checking CRLs?

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