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Re: specification language?

At 11:31 AM 3/6/96 -0500, Carl Ellison wrote:
>How do folks feel about using Java as the specification language for

I have no strong objections.  Could you work up a sample in Java so those
of us who work better with examples than with abstracts could see what you
have in mind?

I would urge anyone who wants to offer up a specification language to put
together a sample certificate specification in that language.  It would be
even better if everyone coded the same example.

hallam@w3.org writes:
>Having spent the past 24 hours on a bug due to 32/64 bit incompatibility in C 
>I'm none too keen on C lossage today. I don't see Java as being an improvement.

Java types are defined in terms of bit size.  A Java int is always 32
signed bits and a Java long is always 64 signed bits.  I call that a
distinct improvment.

Regards - Bill

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