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Re: specification language?

>Taking X.509 and flatenning some of the most egregious levels of 
>hierarchy could go a long way to getting things started, even if it just 
>suggests some of the data types to use. 

What do you mean by "hierarchy" in this context? Are you referring to the 
hierarchy of CAs, or to something else?

If you mean the hierarchy of Cas, then I think that is outside the scope of 
X.509 per se, and probably outside the scope of this group.  The number of CAs 
in a hierarchy is much more likely to be a function of the business model and 
certainly technical considerations (e.g,, multi-country operations, a la 
MasterCard and Visa, and on-line vs. off-=line certificate generation) tha the 
certificate architecture and specification language.


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