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Re: can CRL's and short-life certs coexist?

At 22:51 3/7/96, Tony Bartoletti wrote:
>The idea of, shall we say, certificate depreciation, introduced below by
>Frank O'Dwyer is indeed fascinating.  If generalized, it could serve to
>significantly reduce overhead in network traffic, especially in the short-
>term cert model.
>I envision some way of codifying, either in the certificate or in the
>certifying agent's policy, a depreciation formula that can be resolved
>by the relying party at key-usage time to a value in the range [0,1].
>This value would represent a multiplier affecting the CA's acceptance
>of liability regarding the key's misuse (effectively shifting liability
>back in the direction of the relying party.)

>>At 08:43 3/5/96, Frank O'Dwyer wrote:
>>>The same app. might well decide that a 2 day cert which
>>>expired an hour ago was fresh enough for a low-valued transaction,
>>>given that it didn't have the connectivity to always get a
>>>completely fresh cert.

One way to do this is to issue multiple certificates with different
validity periods for different authorization amounts:

a $5.00/purchase certificate might be valid for 10 days while a
$10,000.00/purchase certificate might be valid for 2 minutes.

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