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>>> <hallam@w3.org> 03/14/96 02:49pm >>>
>Most of the internet companies I know of have already paid out a large sum to a 
>certain Greek-American gentleman and I doubt that they will be queuing up to  make
>a similar payment to another company.
>       Phill

Hmmm, how about the fact that Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, Intel and about a dozen other
household names in the Internet business that have taken a Stanford patent license
in the last six months?  I'm sorry to blow a hole in your argument, but it is
important to set the record straight here.

Sun is taking advantage of this opportunity with their release of SKIP reference
code.  Cisco is preparing to do the same with ISAKMP/OAKLEY code.  Other licencees
are preparing similar reference code giveaways in their area of interest.

Interesting, huh?

-John Kennedy