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20 questions (was Re: Man in the middle attacks)

At 08:49 3/8/96, David P. Kemp <dpkemp@missi.ncsc.mil> wrote:
>> From: cme@cybercash.com (Carl Ellison)
>> Yes!  If you've met Bob in person, then you have a body of common knowledge
>> that most likely can be converted to a shared secret.  That shared secret,
>> in turn, can be used to verify that there is no eavesdropper.  This
>> in-person meeting is the second channel which defeats Eve.

>I'd like to see your proposal for converting wetware shared secrets
>into a cryptographic shared secret, reliably and with more than a
>trivial number of bits.
>  "Hey Bob, remember that restaurant we went to at the last IETF?
>   What was the waitress' name and how many people were at the table?"
>What does that get you?  About 8 bits of entropy?

about.  It takes several such questions/answers to get up to 160 bits
-- in fact, 20, if you're right.

>And what if you remember the waitress as "Lori", but Bob remembers
>her as "Lorrie"?

You permit several spellings.  Such options lose you a couple of bits.  You
also allow him to make some mistakes.  He has to make the right number of
successes to get all those bits.

I'm preparing a real paper on this subject - will send you a copy when it's
available, if you care.

 - Carl

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