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Re: Is meaning important?

(Bill Sommerfeld responding to Ben Laurie):
>   Could we not make useful progress by ignoring the question of CRLs, trust
>   models and so on, and concentrating on the interchange aspects of
>   the system?
>We might make progress by ignoring the hard problems, but I think the
>end result wouldn't be enough of an improvement over the "x.509 for
>the internet" approach of the pkix group.
>   I'm not saying that these issues do not need to be addressed, just that
>   are many uses for certificates, and many different models for verifying
>   all of which could be built on a single interchange methodology
>   (maybe).
>I disagree.
>If you build something with no understanding of how it will be used,
>it won't work very well.
>Certificates need to certify something which is meaningful to an
>application in a way which the application can trust.  If the base
>certificate encoding has a flaw which prevents us from doing that, I'd
>rather know sooner rather than later..
>                                        - Bill

It is the detection of such a "flaw" (by which I assume you mean an
unrecognized encoding, structure, or inappropriate semantic content)
that I hoped to address by suggesting a "Cert-Spec" header, minimal
in size and coded in a lowest-common-denominator representation.
It would convey, at the outset, both the type of encodings used within,
but also semantic "facts" such as...

() validation of this cert utilizes:
    (a CRL lookup) vs (short-term-cert Validity Period)
() this cert contains:
    (a complete signed public key) vs (hash of key, separate lookup needed)

The Cert-Spec is exactly intended to let you know "sooner rather than later."


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