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Re: Delegation and Trust Management

>Hello .
>		I4m a new in this mailing list.I4m studing delegation and trust
>management.Somebody tells me that here sometimes your discuss	 about
>this.Could anybody send me some information about delegation and trust
>management or some web-sites ?
>	I4m working about sesame and TrustWeb, as well.
>	Thanks.
>		David Estevez
>		e-mail:alumno18@iza.diatel.upm.es

	I'm studing trust management too. Did anyone answer to you? I'm
also in open-pgp and pkix mailing lists. What kind of informations do you
want? For example, if you go to
http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/wg-dir.html you can find active IETF
working groups (there are drafts and RFCs); there are several web sites
about security (RSA, PGP,..).

		Salvatore Nesta
		e-mail: s.nesta@guest.cnuce.cnr.it

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