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details for new draft


I'm preparing a new, shorter draft for this next draft deadline.

I'm going to toss most of the verbiage of the current draft and concentrate 
on details.

Ron Rivest and I met about this last August, at CRYPTO, and agreed that we 
could do away with most of the *-forms.

Some minor corrections will be made.

I will try harder to keep the definition of both name and authorization 
certificates clear and crisp.  [Yes, I have a chronic verbosity problem. :( ]

I have heard that one (maybe all) of the signature examples in the current 
draft didn't verify -- that the RSA envelope contained too much stuff to be 
a hash.  I was using RSAREF for those examples.  Unfortunately, I had a disk 
crash and lost the example making code, so I have to reproduce it -- and 
can't dig in to find any bugs.

Does anyone have examples to contribute to the new draft?

Are there any other issues the group thinks need to be covered in the
revision of the draft before we go to the next step?

 - Carl

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