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Re: name as identity?

I'm not entirely sure what that is an example of, but a business card
containing only a personal name may be useful as a memory jog if it contains
at least a phone number, but otherwise doesn't serve much purpose (except
when attached to flowers).

A business card which didn't contain someone's name would be a little
awkward socially, but when attached to a pair of pajamas (this article
inspected by Inspector Number 9), or more importantly when used to digitally
sign a piece of code, is quite useful.

In the case of correspondence such as e-mail, I would like to have both, of
course,  "Michael Robinson" at the moment means nothing to me at all, other
than providing a convenient handle for a gradually increasing amount of
knowledge about that individual's concerns. Michael Robinson
<robinson@public.bta.net.cn> doesn't provide any more, since I don't
recognize the cn country code, and public.bta.net isn't recognizable either,
at least to me>.
>>>> Michael Robinson <robinson@public.bta.net.cn> 11/20 12:07 AM >>>
>Another example:
>Which would you rather receive:  a business card with a personal name, but
>no other information, or a business card with a company name, job title,
>phone, fax, and email, but no personal name?
> -Michael Robinson