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Re: The Carl & Bob show

At 5:42 PM -0800 11/20/97, jar@ornl.gov wrote:
>Bob said:
>If there should just happen to be a Robert R. Jueneman who is a sheep herder
>in New Zealand,  in all probability that individual is not likely to be
>confused with the fellow who writes all of the quasi-legal stuff on several
>PKI e-mail lists. Of course, as international electronic commerce becomes
>increasingly common, that degree of global unambiguity will become
>increasingly important.
>Gee, Bob I get about one E-mail a week for a Jim Rome who is a
>sportscaster for
>ESPN2 in San Diego and I am a scientist in Tennessee...

I remember the first time I called my friend Ted Johnston at SLAC (Stanford
Linear Accelerator Center).  I got someone who knew a lot about vacuum
systems and very little about computers.  He was friendly and transferred
my call.

I also have several friends named Dave Smith.  Also there is the Bob
Johnson Society.

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