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Re: The Carl & Bob show

At 2:10 am -0500 on 11/21/97, Bill Frantz wrote:

> I also have several friends named Dave Smith.  Also there is the Bob
> Johnson Society.

While we're all getting anecdotal about identity here, a little (exactly
irrelevant) factoid for your next lecture or presentation... If you take a
listing of the first names of schoolchildren in the Chicago Public Schools
system, you'll find an enormous listing of unique names. Almost all of them
belonging to black children, and, I believe, unique or almost unique names
form a sizeable majority of the total black schoolage population...

Shades of Ursula K. LaGuinn's "The Dispossesed"(?) where everyone had a
unique name and no property?


And thus endeth your social science lesson for the day...

Bob Hettinga

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