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Re: time resolution (was Re: six-page binary format draft)

Steven Bellovin wrote:
> Our middle name is "Engineering".  "Engineering" means solving a
> problem economically, within a set of constraints.  The trick, of
> course, is knowing which constraints are reasonable and which aren't.
> It's certainly possible to have machines' clocks agree to within a few
> milliseconds.  Is it necessary here?  These are *certificates*, not
> challenge/response values.  I will, of course, point out that
> certificates are used precisely so that full-time online operation
> isn't necessary -- if I can query the authorization center when someone
> presents me with credentials, I don't need the credentials to be
> signed.
> We don't need finer resolution than 1 second.  I suspect we could stick
> with 1 minute, if we wanted to save some space.

Is this, perhaps, a short-sighted view of what certificates may be used
for? Suppose access to a terabit pipe were controlled by certs? We may
well want sub-second resolution on those, no? [Note: this may not be the
right way to use certs, but can we assume we currently know the right



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