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>>If you would just call it the "Public Key Authorization Protocol", and
>>stop referring to it as "a radical departure from X.509" or otherwise
>>comparing it to PKI mechanisms, a lot of confusion would be avoided.
>>You bring this upon yourself by using the words "Infrastructure" and
>>"Certificate" instead of more descriptive terms like "Authorization"
>>and "Ticket".
>I think this is a very astute comment.  I had a similar reaction when this
>(and SDSI) were first gelling in my mind.  I wonder if we really are
>confusion here.  I think it's potentially very powerful, but I don't think
>it's acurately characterized as a public key infrastructure either.  Isn't
>very nature more like anti-infrastructure?

Maybe we should call spki the not-so-simple, archane public key
authorization anti-infrastructure chowder and marching society? :-)

Just kidding (I think).