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"auth" --> "tag" ??

I suggest that we change the object type "auth" to "tag".  Here are the

(1) "tag" is an english word. "auth" is not.

(2) Both "auth" and "tag" are nouns.  I think this is better than a verb,
    as you can talk about "the tag of a certificate" and so on.  Also,
    this means that a global change of the word "auth" to "tag" in the
    document is likely to make most occurrences work out grammatically.
    (But watch out for "authentication", etc."

(3) "tag" is very neutral as to semantics, and thus more suitable for the
    range of applications that we envision.  "auth" implies "authorization"
    which is not suitable for some of the uses.  However, we can still talk
    about "authorization tags" as appropriate when the tag field is
    really for authorization purposes.  We can also talk about "assertion
    tags" when the tag is used to make an assertion about the subject.  Or,
    you could call them "attribute tags".  As far as I know, the name "tag"
    has no major security-related connotations that would get in the way.

(4) [especially for Carl] "tag" is shorter than "auth" !

With this change, a certificate would look something like:

	( certificate
	  ( issuer ... )
          ( subject ... )
          ( not-after ... )
          ( tag ... )