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meanings of tag fields (was Re: Intersection of tag fields )

 A million monkeys operating under the pseudonym 
 "Ron Rivest <rivest@theory.lcs.mit.edu>" typed:
> When performing reduction of certificate chains, one needs to perform
> intersection of the tags in the chain.  What are the rules for this?
> Here is a sketch of a proposal that is more specific than what is said in
> 3.4.1--3.4.3 of the draft.  This sketch needs a little bit of elaboration
> to be complete.

Seems to me that the rules for tag intersections are determined by
the tags, which are bound to meanings within the scope of the 

So, while it may be useful to propose general rules for tag
intersections, and/or specific rules for intersections of certain 
kinds of tags, it is ultimately up to the cert issuer whether they
will use your rules or make their own.

(Yes, I still think the meaning of a tag is determined by the issuer
and thus should be named within the issuer's name scope, even though
as Carl rightly says it isn't the issuer who will (typically) be 
interpreting them.  This is just the way of things-- issuers come up
with meanings and encode them into certs, then recipients read the
certs and (hopefully!) decode to the original meaning.)



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