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Re: single <auth> per cert (was Re: "auth" --> "tag" ?? )

Bryce wrote:

> I think this is correct Hal, and I think that this is the "way it
> has to be".  If I publish a cert asserting that you have my
> permission to do X, and then you publish a cert asserting that Carl
> has _your_ permission to do X, then the question of whether Carl has
> _my_ permission to do X is dependent on what you and I mean by "X",
> and specifically what you and I mean by intersecting two
> "X"-permissions.
> The I-D, and Ron Rivest's ideas for tag intersection, are _some_
> ways of computing this intersection, but in _general_ I think the
> issuer(s) have to determine how to do it for _their_ certs.
Yes, issuers may decide how to do it for their certs. However, I think
we need some standard tags and a generic extension mechanism. Something
like MIME where a body like IANA is responsible for registering

Tag intersection is indeed a very interesting idea. To some extent it
may be possible to define generic rules, but "tag definers" will
have to define specific rules for their tags.

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