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Multiple tags per cert

Tony Bartoletti asked if it might be possible to have multiple tag
fields per cert.  The original specs said no, there should be only
one tag field per cert.  But the *-form technology (described in a
previous note) allows one to do this cleanly.  This is a very pleasant
side-effect that was not intended! Cool!

For example, a tag of the form

        ( tag ( * set ( ta pa1 pa2 ... pan )
                      ( tb pb1 pb2 ... pbn )
                      ( tx px1 px2 ... pxn ) ) )

is entirely equivalent to a set of separate certificates with tag fields
 (ta ...), (tb ... ) etc.

[Side note: We really need to ensure that for (* set) that the initial
object types must be all different.  Otherwise it makes intersection
of two sets too hard.  For the above example, this means that the tag
types ta,...tx should all be different.]