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Re: Tags removing permissions

> > I'm going to take a shot at this.  In our earlier conversations about
> > tag intersections, it became clear to me that no one can grant permissions
> > he doesn't have.  As such - and I think a basic understanding of set theory
> > supports this - no tag can do anything but remove permission.
> > 
> [...]
> This means, an empty or missing tag *grants* permission(s). Is this right?
> Regards, Franco

Well, no; my intent was to say that a certificate denies any permission
not granted by it, so that the proper meaning of an empty or missing
tag would be to deny all permission.  Not particularly useful, I
suppose, and I do seem to remember Ron Rivest or someone else proposing
that it should mean the opposite, or full delegation, as you suggest.
I'll have to go back and read that again.


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