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[azb@llnl.gov: Re: *-forms in tags]

Nice example!

But the guy writing the *-form did give explicit permission to add elements...

If you say/delegate something, you should know what it is you're saying/delegating.
The tag *-forms are intentionally expressive, so there of course the risk that
you're saying/delegating more than you mean to (in hindsight).  If someone doesn't
understand the *-forms, I guess they could just not use them, and everything
would work as expected for them.

Ron Rivest
To: rivest@theory.lcs.mit.edu (Ron Rivest)
From: azb@llnl.gov (Tony Bartoletti)
Subject: Re: *-forms in tags

Ron wrote:
>From the point of view of the fellow who wrote the tag field
>       (for tie pants socks belt shirt)
>he's happy, since the resulting certificate had exactly this field.
>From the point of view of the fellow who wrote the tag field
>       (* reorder-insert (for socks shirt pants))
>he's happy, since he is explicitly granting permission to add new
>elements to this list. (I.e. he doesn't care, as long as at least
>sock, shirts, and pants are bought.)
>So, everyone is happy...  Are you now??

Define "happy" ;-)

Strictly speaking, authority was not expanded because "* reorder-insert"
explicitly grants list extension.  OK.  Seems one should be very careful
with this one.  I take it we allow:

[root-of-delegation] says

        (tag springcleaning
                (* reorder-insert (takeout trash recyclables)))

[delegatee] may then say

        (tag springcleaning
                (takeout trash recyclables stereo jewelry))