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Re: Tag-lists


In an earlier posting (Global name spaces for tags) you offered:

        (tag (tag-id 89325567130078)
             (spend (account 3456) (amount (* range numeric 0 1000))))

This seems even more appropriate for tag-lists:

        (tag-list ((tag-id1)(t1 ...))
                  ((tag-id2)(t2 ...))
                  ... )

If the software that *creates* a tag-list-cert always orders the elements on
their tag-id, cert reduction (to a first order) becomes a simple merge-sort on presorted lists. (Actually a merge-intersection, since a tag-id must appear in
all certs of the chain to appear in the result.)

I like this encapsulation.  But there is a drawback - every cert in the chain,
including single-tag-certs, must have a tag-id for its tag, else no match.