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Re: single <auth> per cert (was Re: "auth" --> "tag" ?? )

At 03:14 PM 4/2/97 +0200, Bryce wrote:
>> This would imply that there is no way for an automated process to
>> perform the chain collapse unless it was armed with some understanding
>> of the meaning of the auth tags, sufficient to identify what it meant
>> to intersect them.
>I think this is correct Hal, and I think that this is the "way it
>has to be".  If I publish a cert asserting that you have my
>permission to do X, and then you publish a cert asserting that Carl
>has _your_ permission to do X, then the question of whether Carl has
>_my_ permission to do X is dependent on what you and I mean by "X",
>and specifically what you and I mean by intersecting two

This can work the other way around, which is what I believe we will end
up with.  That is, we can specify the intersection rules (as Ron has
tried with his (*) forms), and given that knowledge let you and Hal decide
if you mean the same thing by "X" before you grant X to Hal.

This eventually works back to the ultimate issuer: the verifier of
the cert, who defines for himself what he means by X and accepts issuers
of X who agree with him (by making certs or ACL entries for them to 
delegate X).

 - Carl

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