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Re: Clever delegation ??

At 10:22 PM 4/2/97 -0800, Bill Frantz wrote:
>I think it depends on whether the items in the tag grant authority or
>remove it.  Consider composing the tags (ftp /pub/ftp/foo) and (ftp
>/pub/ftp/foo R/O).  I believe that the method you suggest would reduce this
>to (ftp /pub/ftp/foo) which just might allow the holder to replace foo.
>It is issues like this which need to be made clear so people don't shoot
>themselves in the foot.

This is an important point, Bill.

We have been assuming that any tag which is permitted to acquire parameters
(append or insert, in Ron's terminology) is reduced thereby.  That is,
each parameter is a limitation.

Can you think of a good example where an additional parameter might increase
authority?  If so, I would like to use it in the next draft.

 - Carl

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