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Re: Global meaning of tags (was Re: single <auth> per cert)

At 10:57 AM 4/3/97 +0200, Steen Larsen wrote:
>Gentlemen, I disagree.


>To me it looks pretty obvious that standard tags are needed for http,
>ftp, telnet,
>etc. What is wrong with a global representation in these cases?
>Who should define such standard tags?

I believe we should suggest such, as I did in the first draft.

>Who registers them?

I wouldn't register them.  They're still defined by the application which
interprets them (verifies the certs), but we can give guidance.  If someone
wants to standardize such a tag, then he can write an I-D to become an RFC.

>Are general guidelines needed for "tag designers"?


That should be part of this draft, IMHO.

 - Carl

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