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Re: Bignums

>	It's my understanding/recollection that SSLeay does it the
>other way around. Personally preferring SSLeay over BSAFE, I would be
>inclined to prefer the SSLeay API over BSAFE. In general, I think
>people should consider which crypto libraries are the most used and
>set things accordingly.

My reply runs us the risk of allowing things to wander way off-charter;
please be careful about following up.

I totally agree with the last sentence and think it has critical
implications if we want strong crypto to be a commodity item.

By almost any metric you choose, I think it safe to assume that most crypto
libraries will be available from, and used in products developed or
shipped by, US computer companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Sun,
Netscape, HP, etc.  None of these have shown any interest in using
anything other than RSADSI libraries such as BSAFE.  (This is for a
combination of patent, licensing, and brand recognition reasons.)