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Re: adding/subtracting permissions ??

>I don't think negative authorizations by themselves are necessarily a

In and of themselves, they're okay.  I'd rather have, say, ten
"thou shalt not"'s than a zillion "you must's". :)  (Time to haul
out the old Mad Guide to the Ten Commandments.)

>However they do cause trouble in the context of the proposed
>merging algorithm, which was designed with positive authorizations
>in mind.

This is an understatement.  Look at NT ACL's.  While there is real appeal
in being able to say "can execute every program except /bin/su", the
general merge of positive and negative to come up with a permission
test becomes real nasty.  Perhaps limiting negative-auths to be a
qualifier on a real-auth makes sense.  But that's a composed-at-the-MUA
idea, which might be silly.