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Re: Other *-forms for dates and times, and love

>> For general filters, one could escape to a Java program:
>> 	(* program java <hash-of-java-program>)
>> which accepts as input the canonical form of an S-expression, and returns
>> true or false.
>Interesting idea!  (But it needs to accept _two_ S-expressions and
>return a third, doesn't it?)

The program doesn't need to take in 2 S-expressions.  Rather it needs
to examine the current set of 5-tuples and evaluate to one new 5-tuple
(or none).

We were discussing this over breakfast this  a.m. and it occurred to
us that if we permit the identifier to be either a hash or a SDSI name
(which is tied by certificate to a hash of a program), the hash can
point to the code (Java or PolicyMaker) while, if we indirect through
a SDSI name, we get revocation control on the code.

 - Carl